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Welcome to Private Home Management Inc.
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Welcome to Private Home Management the Property Consultants. We approach each client as an opportunity to establish a new 'personal best' in professionalism, service and quality. A one stop shop for Investors and Tenants for:
  • Home Rentals
  • Vacation Home Rentals
  • Cottages/Cabins Rentals
  • Condo & Apartment Rentals
  • Accounting Service (Self managed condo's)
  • Landscaping & Snow Removal
  • Tenant Default Service
  • Home Clean Services
Our clients include:
  • Relocated Homeowners who wish to rent their current homes instead of selling
  • Vacationing Homeowners who want someone to handle the routines, and also deal with any emergencies that may arise
  • Homeowners needing someone they can trust to look after their best interests
  • Financial Managers who are responsible for protecting their clients’ homes
  • Estates & Trusts who own homes whether they are owner-occupied, vacant or rented
  • Banks & Mortgage Companies who have taken possession of homes in which they have secured interests
  • Corporations, Partnerships & Individuals that own homes as investment properties
  • Homeowners who occupy their homes either part-time or year-round
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